Joist EXWood EX3040
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Joist EXWood EX3040


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Weight: 1.00kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 2200mm x 40mm x 30mm

Joist EXWood EX3040
Technical parameters
Warranty 1 Year
Wood color Milo
Width 40mm
Flooring wood plastice composite
Thickness 30mm
length 2.2M
Location of use
Outdoors Accessories: cladding bar, floor beam

General warranty terms for EXWood EX3040 joist may typically include the following:

  1. Warranty period: 1 year, at all
  2. Warranty Scope: Warranty applies to manufacturing defects, failures or technical problems that occur during normal use.
  3. Warranty conditions: Warranty only applies when the product is used according to the supplier's instructions, is not misused or damaged due to user error.
  4. Customer rights: During the warranty period, customers have the right to request free repair or replacement of momentum if there is an error or damage due to manufacturing error.
  5. Warranty exclusions: Warranty does not apply to problems resulting from imbalance or environmental abuse (submergence), natural wear or damage due to accident, accident or abuse.

Note that warranty terms may vary depending on the specific supplier and product. Therefore, it is best to contact the supplier or manufacturer directly for detailed information about the warranty policy.

Call Center: 1800 6121

Details of normal technical warranty terms for EXwood EX3040 joist within 1 year include:

  1. Product quality warranty: The manufacturer commits that plastic wood products are manufactured with high quality and comply with technical standards. Within 1 year, if any defects appear due to manufacturing errors or unsatisfactory quality, the manufacturer will be responsible for repairing or replacing the product.
  2. Anti-rot and anti-mold warranty: Plastic wood is guaranteed not to rot or be affected by mold for 1 year. If the product has any problems related to rot or mold during the warranty period, the manufacturer will repair or replace the product.
  3. Warranty against fading: Plastic wood is warranted against fading due to sunlight for 1 year. If the product exhibits discoloration during the warranty period, the manufacturer will repair or replace the product.
  4. Warranty against warping and cracking: Plastic wood is warranted against warping or cracking due to weather effects for 1 year. If there are any problems related to warping or cracking during the warranty period, the manufacturer will repair or replace the product.
  5. Warranty Conditions: Warranty applies only when the product is used and stored properly in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. The warranty does not apply to cases of misuse, improper use, or impacts from external causes such as accidents, natural disasters, or use of inappropriate materials.

Joist EXWood EX3040

Using genuine accessories when installing wood plastic composite brings many important benefits as follows:

  1. Quality assurance: Genuine accessories are manufactured to high standards and quality tested, ensuring sustainability and durability. This helps ensure that wood plastic composite will not be damaged or lose their aesthetics after a period of use.
  2. Perfect compatibility: Genuine accessories are designed and manufactured to work well with wood plastic composite. This ensures that accessories such as glue, fasteners, screws will fit and will not cause installation problems.
  3. Warranty and after-sales service: When using genuine accessories, you will have the right to enjoy warranty policies and after-sales service from the manufacturer. If any problems occur during use, you can easily request repairs or replacement accessories.
  4. Safety and regulatory compliance: Genuine accessories often comply with safety and environmental regulations, helping to reduce the risk of fire, explosion, pollution and injury to users and the surrounding environment.
  5. Technical consulting support: Genuine accessory manufacturers can provide technical consulting support on how to install and maintain wood plastic composite. This helps you get accurate and reliable information to install and maintain wooden floors effectively.

Using genuine accessories when installing wood plastic composite brings many benefits in terms of quality, compatibility, warranty, safety and technical support. This helps you have a beautiful, sustainable and safe outdoor space for a long time.

EXWood EX3040 hollow joist
+ Color: Cocoa
+ Dimensions: 40mm wide x 30mm thick x 2.2m long
+ Main ingredients: 60% wood pulp, 40% HDPE plastic and additives

Using EXWood WPC EX3040 joist sized 30x40mm when installing wood plastic composite has many of the following benefits:

  1. High durability: The 30x40mm joist has the right thickness and width, helping to increase durability and good load-bearing for wood plastic composite. This ensures that the wooden floor does not bend or deform when exposed to harsh outdoor environments.
  2. Increase aesthetics: The 30x40mm joist has a solid shape and balanced proportions, helping to create highlights and increase the aesthetics of wood plastic composite. It also helps hide cuts and edges, making the wood floor more aesthetically pleasing.
  3. Easy to install: With dimensions of 30x40mm, the joist is easily cut and installed in a suitable position on wood plastic composite. It is also easy to adjust to ensure proper alignment and tightness between the slats.
  4. Cost savings: Compared to using larger sized joist, using 30x40mm joist can help save costs, while still ensuring the quality and performance of wood plastic composite.

Using 30x40mm joist when installing wood plastic composite brings many benefits in terms of durability, aesthetics, ease of installation and cost savings.

The requirement for a joist distance of 300mm or less when installing wood plastic composite has several important reasons:

  • Technical assurance: joist spacing of 300mm or less helps ensure the sturdiness and stability of wood plastic composite. When the distance between joist is more than 300mm, the wooden floor can bend or deform under the impact of load and environment.
  • Even load distribution: Appropriate joist spacing helps distribute the load evenly on the wooden floor surface. This helps reduce the risk of damage and increases the lifespan of wood plastic composite.
  • Limit shrinkage and expansion: When wood plastic composite are exposed to the outdoor environment, temperature and humidity change continuously. The small momentum gap helps limit shrinkage and expansion of the wooden floor, keeping it stable and not deformed.
  • Save materials: Using joist spacing less than 300mm helps save materials and reduce installation costs. At the same time, it also helps increase accuracy and create a uniform wooden floor surface.

Complying with a joist distance of 300mm or less is necessary to ensure the technique, sturdiness and longevity of the wood plastic compositeen floor.

Using 30mm high joist and joist in wood plastic composite installation has the following benefits:

  • Temperature distribution: 30mm high joist helps create a gap between the board and the ground, helping to effectively distribute the temperature of the two plastic wood surfaces. This reduces the risk of the board melting or deforming due to high temperatures.
  • Humidity balance: 30mm high joist provides space for the board to balance humidity with the surrounding environment. This helps avoid the condition of both sides of the board being too dry or too wet, helping to maintain the stability and quality of the wood plastic compositeen floor.
  • Increased durability: When using a 30mm high joist, the board is raised off the ground and is not directly exposed to environmental factors such as water, dirt and other harmful substances. This helps increase the lifespan and durability of outdoor plastic wood.
  • Easy inspection and maintenance: When there is a gap between the board and the ground, you can easily inspect and maintain outdoor plastic wood. This contributes to convenient and effective maintenance and repair of wood plastic composite.

Using 30mm high joist in outdoor plastic wood installation helps distribute temperature, balance humidity and increase the durability of plastic wood, while also providing convenience in inspection and maintenance.

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