European Vinyl Flooring

European Vinyl Flooring

EUROPEAN plastic flooring is a product manufactured on European production lines and meets international standards. The product includes the high-end lines for gluing and sealing plate, so it does not affect the old foundation, construction and installation are extremely simple.

EUROPEAN plastic flooring is manufactured and tested strictly on modern machinery, so it does not warp, color flight deformation due to weather changes, No slippery in water, withstand large loads and scratch resistant Very tall, free from termites and easy to clean. Together with SCS Global Services' FloorScore certification.

FloorScore certification basically means cleaner indoor air. When purchasing vinyl flooring, or any other type of laminate flooring, choose a product labeled FloorScore to ensure that your new floor will contribute to the improvement of indoor air quality and is recognized by the Association. European certified wood flooring manufacturer. See more at: (


- Standard thickness increases bearing capacity, increases elasticity, resists impact, reduces damage and increases cohesion firmly.

- EUROPEAN plastic flooring uses pure PVC resin that meets European green building standards and ISO 9001, ISO 14001, FloorScore IAQ certification.

- 3D printing technique for special wood grain in a unique architectural style, providing protective film creating a vivid natural surface.

- A European standard fiberglass Reinforcement layer is available in a 7-layer structure to help prevent warping, shrinking, and expanding when the weather changes.

R11 anti-slip standard, allowing for comfortable and safe walking on inclined surfaces.
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European Vinyl Flooring

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