AWood DT01 WG Wood
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AWood DT01 WG Wood

Brand: AWOOD

Product Code: DT01 WG Wood

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Weight: 1.20kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 300mm x 300mm x 20mm

AWood DT01 WG Wood
Technical parameters
Warranty 5 years
Wood color Coffee, wood, dark grey, cedar, white grey
Flooring Decking Tile
sizes 300mmx300mm
Thickness 20mm

AWood DT01 WG Wood

Awood DIY DT01 WG  Wood

DIY plastic wood floors, finished each plate 300x300mm, easy to install. DIY suitable timber lining wet areas such as gardens, pool decks, bathroom, balcony ... decorative and anti-slip


Warranty Information for AWOOD Brand Wood Plastic Blister:

1. Warranty Period: AWOOD is committed to providing high quality and reliable warranty service for all of its plastic wood blister products. Warranty period may vary depending on the specific product type, usually within 1 year from the date of purchase.

2. Warranty Scope: AWOOD's warranty applies to technical or quality defects of the product, including issues such as cracks, unwanted deformation, termites, or unnecessary discoloration. . Warranty does not apply to damage caused by improper use or external accidents.

3. Warranty Process: To request a warranty, customers need to provide purchase invoice information or other proof of purchase to confirm the time and origin of the product. AWOOD will then check and confirm the warranty issue before repairing or replacing the product.

4. Warranty Conditions: To ensure the warranty is carried out effectively, customers need to comply with AWOOD's conditions and regulations, including using the product according to instructions, not repairing it yourself. attention, and store the product properly.

5. Support Service: AWOOD is committed to providing dedicated and thoughtful customer support services during the warranty process, ensuring all customer problems are resolved quickly and effectively.

With AWOOD, quality and customer satisfaction always come first. Please rest assured when using our plastic wood blister products with reliable warranty service!

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