AWood Decking HD140x25-4 Darkgrey
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AWood Decking HD140x25-4 Darkgrey

Brand: AWOOD

Product Code: HD140x25-4 Darkgrey

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Weight: 6.50kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 2400mm x 140mm x 25mm

AWood Decking HD140x25-4 Darkgrey
Technical parameters
Warranty 5 Years
advantages Weather-resistant, outdoor use, easy to clean, clean. Wood grain pattern on the surface like real wood, colorful
Wood color Dark Grey
Flooring Decking wood plastice composite
Country of Origin Vietnam production at Japanese technology
Material Wood plastic composite
sizes 2400mmx140mm
Thickness 25mm
Location of use
Outdoors Pool flooring, garden flooring, floor terrace balustrades, jetties, fencing ...

AWood Decking HD140x25-4 Darkgrey

Model AWood HD140x25-4, the first and quick AWood floor sample chosen by customers as the standard specification for decking samples. HD140x25 with a thickness of 25mm x 140mm wide, has been on the market since 2010 until now is still the focus of customers choosing with dark gray corrugated iron, for luxurious beauty. They combine harmoniously with the quiet space, for a calming natural nuance. HD140x25 color Darkgrey as a decorative background for the space you want to be quiet, hide beautiful beauty without highlights.

1. Look and feel natural wood 6. Insect free and mold resistant
2. 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly 7. No cracking, warping and rotting
3. Anti-UV and color stability 8. No need to paint, low maintenance, easy to install and clean
4. Resistant to outdoor weather, suitable from -40oC to 60oC 9. High density, durable and strong for long service life
5. Resistant to water and erosion 10. Easy to install and multi-function

Suitable for all outdoor areas from apartments, villas to public areas, yards, wharves. AWood works well with all outdoor areas in normal weather conditions, is very good and cleaner for saltwater areas.
HD140x25 for all outdoor floors: Floor tables, attic floors, pool decks, wharves, wharves, yacht decks, garden yards, fishpond floors ...

Warranty: 10 years of outdoor use (warping, termite, discolored and rotting)
Warranty: 60 years for indoor use
Projects using Awood HD140x25 color Darkgrey:

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Awood construction standards:


AWood Decking HD140x25-4 Darkgrey

Warranty: 10 years of outdoor use (warping, termite, discolored and rotting)
Warranty: 60 years for indoor use

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