A-Frames CV52-327
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A-Frames CV52-327


Product Code: CV52-327

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Dimensions (L x W x H): 2500mm x 20mm x 52mm

A-Frames CV52-327
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A-Frames CV52-327

Only lacquer border is decorated ornamental border to stop the height of lamri or also known as only the other lamri lamriang is a wall. Lamri is a short wall covering from the bottom up to the height of about 1m to create a distinct difference in the lower than the upper part of the wall. Lamri natural wood, industrial laminate, aluminum lamellar, wood fake laminate, wood resin laminate, lamico cladding, lamico cladding, lamri wallpaper.


Technical parameters
advantages water resistant, termite, no warping and shrinkage
Cons Not significant
Wood color Brown yellow
Height 52mm
Length 2200mm
Surface Type Film UV wood grain
Country of Origin Korea
Material Plastic composite
sizes L 2200mm x H 52mm x W 20mm
Thickness 20mm
Location of use
interior Wall cladding panels, ceiling tiles, indoors, door frames, wall borders, picture frames ...

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