WPC Decking

WPC Decking

AWood : is abbreviated from Accord - Wood plastic composite that is a mixed product from wood and plastic for outdoor decorations. Awood is produced by Japan’s standard technology.  

AWood is created to replace natural wood. It made from PE resin and wood pulp which are produced by the extrusion and injection molding, glue free in product. So it does not contain toxic substances. AWood is used to decorate the exterior of your home with a lot of using such as: swimming pool floor, sun screen, fence, pergola ....

If you are looking for a new material for the exterior designs, the Awood is a product completely accordant with the conditions for outdoor products. Awood is provided exclusive by Hoang Gia Nam Viet Co., Ltd.

awood decking structures and features

Awood is a product which has unique and different feature because it refined remarkableness features of wood and plastic. What features does Awood WPC have? And how long does it to be used?

AWood Decking

As introducing above, Awood is a mixed product from wood and plastic, thus it is very suitable for environment condition and the weather in Vietnam.

  • First, Awood is an environmentally friendly and easy to clean with soap and water tap. The stability of elongation direction (length – width – thickness) is similar aluminum material when the temperature and the humidity change.
  • Second, Awood is manufactured with the same style of natural wood, durable color, resistant to weather, form stable when placed outdoor. Its surface and grain are similar natural wood, particularly the anti-slip surface no need painting. Therefore, when you use Awood, you will feel closer to nature.
  • Third, according to data being tested, Awood absorbs moisture 3% within 30 days under water.
  • Fourth, the fade resistant, UV resistant, particularly the high temperature resistant according to the measure of quality testing of Europe the heat resistant of Awood is up to 120 Celsius degree (204 F degree) and the lowest  temperature is 30 Celsius degree (22 F degree). Those features help Awood becomes to be suitable for climate in Vietnam particular and Asia in generally.
  • Fifth, Awood does not contain glue and toxic substances which affects to people health. Awood manufacturer has been carrying out actively unshakeable development policy and environmentally protection. The first is reducing energy consumption for production cycle, distribution and installation. Reusing recycled wood and resins to protect nature resources and environment. With the common trend of the world, Awood is going to be “green product”.
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Wood Plastic composite

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WPC Decking
AWood Decking SD120x20 Wood
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AWood Decking SD120x20 Wood Awood construction standards: ..
156.000 ₫ / M dài
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100.000 ₫ / Vỉ
AWood Decking SD120x20 Coffee
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AWood Decking SD120x20 Coffee Awood construction standards: ..
156.000 ₫ / M dài