Water Purifier

Water Purifier

In 2018, the new wood flooring system introduces the ABP Smart Water Filter, which energizes the body, purifying the body, and filtering it with pure water for every family.

The ABP (1) water purifier is based on American RO filter technology and NANO standard filters are the two most widely used filters in the world to provide the cleanest and purest water.

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The RO and NANO filtration system is a two filter system of DOW Filmtec (2) that results in fresh water purification for the beauty of the youth and the best health when absorbing fresh water daily for the body.

(1) An Phat is a center for technology development and trading of wastewater treatment, water supply, waste and emission control.
(2) DOW Filmtec is the world's most advanced filter manufacturer for the world's best water purifier brand.bộ lọc tinh khiết

Intelligent water purifiers have 5-9 filter levels, following some advantages of each filter level:

1 filter core (also known as 5 micro PP core) filter core dirt, dust> 5 micro.
Filter core 2: (granular charcoal granules) filter organic substances, pesticides, heavy metals, residual chlorine in water.
Filter core 3: (also known as 1 micron core) Micro filter residue, bacteria and impurities left in the filtration, size> 1 micro.
Filter core 4: (Filmtec RO membrane - Made in USA) Completely remove impurities, heavy metals, bacteria causing gastrointestinal diseases, toxins in water sources, water through RO membrane to ensure pure and sterile.
* Filmtec RO membrane is imported directly from DOW chemical USA

Filter 5: (using Nano technology): Bring Ag + ion into microbial cells, destroy 99.9% bacteria, deodorize water, taste better.
Filter core 6: Micronutrient supplementation is beneficial to the body, this core contains tiny ceramic particles that separate the water molecules, increasing the amount of oxygen that help the body cells absorb water better, increasing the process. blood circulation, anti-aging and prevent dry skin.
Filter 7: Works to neutralize excess acid, produce calcium to increase health laugh. Helps activate water, reduce body fatigue.
Filter core 8: Silver nanoparticle for re-infection, killing 100% of airborne bacteria
Filter core 9: UV lamp to re-infection, keep the sweet and cool taste of water.

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Certified water purifier

ABP supplies pure and fresh water for all your family activities. ABP Smart Water Purifier meets European standards with Water Quality, CE, R.O membrane Technology USA.

The water you are using is really clean and pure as: Unclean tap water - well water - rain water - brackish water. With intelligent water purifier you can easily use in the whole life such as washing vegetables, cooking, in addition, clean water is good for the skin, help you have more beautiful skin.

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Water Purifier

Filter level ABP 5 Microns
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ABP 5 Micron Filter: Made of Polypropylene (PP), safe material, used in food industry, does not affect human health. Operating temperature: 20 - 60oC Function: Filter dregs, droplets of sand, moss, rust ... Time to use: (3-6 months). Recommendation: After the above period, it is recommended to change to get the cleanest and pure water source. ..
80.000 ₫ / Cái
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