Vinyl Click Flooring

Vinyl Click Flooring

Vinyl Plank Click Flooring is one of the best reference ideas for flooring materials. This design was created with great ideas and pursued modern design trends and simple ideas. Vinyl Plank Click Flooring contains more luxurious colors than wooden floors. More than that, Vinyl Plank Click Flooring has a wide variety of colors to replace traditional flooring materials such as parquet flooring, laminate flooring, bamboo flooring, tile flooring, carpeting
With outstanding vinyl finish, water resistance, fire resistance, impact resistance and no termites, no shrinkage shrinkage.
Vinyl Plank Click Flooring is a powerful step up from plastic glue flooring, making it easy for anyone to install.
Simply installed with paper knife, dusty, odorless, noisy and without power, when needed to move and move quickly.
These great points make Vinyl Plank Click Flooring lining up all the way from home to school, in an apartment or a public place, a gym and gymnasium or playground floor.


- Survey, floor measurement, cost estimates - quotes.
- Consult samples at home 24/7 (from 07h - 21h, Monday to Sunday)
- Provide samples to check product quality, only from C.O & C.Q

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