Upstairs floorboards

Upstairs floorboards

K - Laminate HDF is a optimal solution for garret flooring to replace cemboard, plywood, mdf...

Installing the floor of garret including 2 normal steps: 

Step 1: nails used to fix plywood/ MDF/ Okal/ Cemboard tightly on girder. 

Step 2: decor the floor by simili, carpet, enamelled title, vinyl, laminate flooring... 

While using K - laminate HDF is more convinient for 3 in 1 advantage feature as below:  

- Good bearing of impact of a collision and heavy things: HDF coreboard is 870kg/cm2 

- Decorative surface: wood grain surface covered aluminum oxide which is anti cigarret burn, anti wearing with AC4 abrasion.

- Installing K - laminate HDF no need crewing, just need Apollo silicon glue

Standards of K - Laminate HDF: Level AC4, E1, Class 32, safe and hygienic product

Dimension: lenght 2440mm x width 1220mm  x thickness 12.3mm  

Warranty: 10 years  

Made in Vietnam

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Upstairs floorboards
Upstairs Floorboards LG-K609
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