Ultra AWood PS56x5-6004
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Ultra AWood PS56x5-6004

Brand: AWOOD

Product Code: PS56x5-6004

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Weight: 0.89kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 4900mm x 56mm x 5mm

Ultra AWood PS56x5-6004
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Ultra AWood PS56x5-6004

Ultra AWood PS56x5-6004


Technical parameters
Material Ultra wood plastice composite
Warranty 15 Years
advantages Weather-resistant, outdoor use, easy to clean, clean. Wood grain pattern on the surface like real wood, colorful
Wood color 6004
sizes 4900mmx56mmx5mm
Thickness 5mm
Location of use
Outdoors Exterior and interior decoration: wall cladding - ceiling cladding

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Ultra AWood PS56x5-6004

WARRANTY: 15 years, For all cases of normal outdoor use

WARRANTY: 50 Years, using interior floor

Specialized outdoors, no need paint protection, no connection, easy to clean

Ultra AWood PS56x5-6004 
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