Thaixin laminate flooring

Thaixin flooring is water resistant laminate flooring cheap, imported from Thailand to Vietnam. Thaixin wood flooring brand names placed by the importer. 

Thaixin flooring is manufactured in Thailand by Vanachai group. The same quality and specifications as Vanachai wood floors. Parquet Thaixin from using HDF core hardwood harvested from plantations in Thailand, this timber was chosen to specialize in water-resistant HDF type. Thaixin lumpy surface flooring, aluminum oxide coated shaded and dark colors used galvalum. Thaixin bottom layer flooring, melamine grade shrink warp resistant, moisture resistant floor surface soil yellow with the word Made in Thailand. 

Thaixin flooring Features: Water resistant floor Competitive price, stable quality distortion, anti-moisture, low levels of formaldehyde waste E1 ensure that no health hazards, so evenly colored, fireproof surface and AC4 abrasion resistance standards. 

Identity laminate flooring Thaixin: Essence HDF brown soil bearing 850kg / cm2, recorded only 1 pendant small inscription Made in Thailand, closed cardboard box in blue, red italic logo Thaixin. Super side box Water resistant recorded (super water-resistant) 

Thaixin flooring is distributed throughout the country Thaixin flooring warehouse in Hanoi and HCMC, with stable quality of goThai floor spreading, Brand Thaixin increasingly attracts consumers 

Distribution warehouse Tphcm enough wood floors wood floors Thaixin 3 lines: 

- 8mm thick x 1205mm wide x 193mm long Code: 1022, 1031, 1052, 10612, 1062, 1063, 1066, 1067, 10712, 1072, 1090, 2043, 2071, 2080, 2081, 3011, 3012, 3042, 3061 , 30719, 3073, 3132 

- 12mm thick (to the) long x 1205mm wide x 193mm codes: 1022, 1031, 1048, 1067, 2057, 2071, 2080, 3011 

- 12mm thick (a little) long x 1205mm wide x 125mm codes: 1031, 1048, 10 611, 10 612, 1066, 1067, 1070, 10712, 10729, 1082,

Laminate floors Thaixin widely used for interior floors, brand increasingly popular with Vietnam and the selection of product lines in Thailand.

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Thaixin laminate flooring

Thaixin Flooring 3073
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Thaixin flooring and Vanachai wood flooring are produced in Thailand by Vanachai Group, with the same quality and specifications. Wood flooring Thaixin uses HDF core from hardwood trees harvested from Thailand plantations, this source of wood is chosen to specialize in water-resistant HDF. Wooden floor surface Thaixin lumpy, covered with matte aluminum oxide and used in dark colors. Thaixin wooden bottom layer, melamine layer anti-warping, moisture-proof on yellow soil bottom surface with words made in Thailand. Features of Thaixin laminate flooring: Water-resistant wood flooring with com..
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