Alu T Profile A10
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Alu T Profile A10


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Dimensions (L x W x H): 1000mm x 35mm x 12mm

Alu T Profile A10
Technical parameters
Wood color White
sizes 1000mm
Thickness 8/12mm

Alu T Profile A10

The purpose of using A10 T Profile  Aluminum floor transition strips with two different thicknesses of 8mm when installing laminate flooring is as follows:

Connecting floorboards: T Profile  Aluminum floor transition strips are used to connect individual laminate floorboards tightly and evenly, ensuring a smooth and aesthetically pleasing surface.

Edge covering: These strips can also be used to cover the edges of the laminate floor, creating a complete border for the floor and protecting the cut edges of the floorboards.

Height adjustment: When you have floorboards with different thicknesses (8mm in this case), T Profile  Aluminum transition strips can be used to adjust the height difference between the boards. This helps create a level and uniform surface without the need for multiple layers of flooring adjustment.

Edge protection: They serve to safeguard the cut edges of the floorboards from wear and tear due to use and exposure.

Aesthetic appeal: T Profile  Aluminum transition strips come in various color and design options, enhancing the aesthetic aspect of the laminate floor and matching the interior decor of the room.

In summary, using T Profile  Aluminum floor transition strips when installing laminate flooring with 8mm thickness differences helps create a beautiful, durable, and uniform floor, while also providing protection and aesthetic value to your project.


The warranty terms for T-profile aluminum at WAREHOUSEFLOOR.VN :

Warranty Period: 10 Years

Warranty Coverage: This outlines the specific issues for which the warranty will apply, such as defects or product malfunctions.

Warranty Conditions: This may include requirements such as using the product according to the instructions, not making unauthorized modifications or repairs, and storing the product properly.

Consumer Rights: Information on how to request warranty service, consumer rights when experiencing an issue, and the process for handling warranty claims.

For detailed information on the specific warranty terms of T-profile aluminum floor transition strips, you should refer to the accompanying product documentation or contact your manufacturer or supplier for further details.

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