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General & plastic floor plastic floor Railflex particular wood grain is a trend decorate luxurious interior space, refinement. With the variety of product types, colors, extremely rich, plastic floor RAILFLEX are increasingly certain to get a foothold on the floor domestic market as well as some countries in the world such as USA, Canada, Japan ...
RAILFLEX plastic flooring brand is famous in Korea has been on the market nearly 30 years ago. Inception, RAILFLEX is specialized in trading brand items Natural wood flooring, laminate flooring, outdoor flooring ... Catch trend of using floor building, from 2008, the company LCC Korea decided to offer strategic solutions for its brand, the launch of the production line for plastic flooring is a choice breakthrough to boost the development of the interior decoration industry to another level new high.
With its outstanding features, plastic floor can be used extensively for all projects from the Public to the Civil.
Physical characteristics of the plastic floor Railflex:
- Surface coatings effective UV protection for products without fouling, help pattern becomes sharper, against the impact of external things, helps users easy cleaning and maintenance.

- Plastic flooring wear resistant linings: depending on the different lines of products, plastic floor RAILFLEX layer surface abrasion resistance from 0.3 - 0.5mm (degree of abrasion over 36,000 rounds)

- Layer color fingerprint film: including wood grain, stone pattern, so the carpet, and some other pattern. There are lots of different colors so the film sample simulated wood grain types, and so forth natural stone or carpet. With characteristics of artificial materials, plastic floor so systematic pattern extremely rich color, variety, to meet any of the needs and taste of the customer.

- The core layer resin floor: composition includes a mixture between rock powder (about 70% of components) and plastic powder (about 30% of components) and a number of other additives (about 1%), thereby plastic floor anti-warping properties, be resilient, fire retardant spread ...

- Grade balance soles: stability effect plastic floor plate texture.

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