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Premium Hardwood Floor

Premium Hardwood Floor

Premium Hardwood flooring is the best flooring material of all time for luxury & classy homes and more value for any interior space.
Premium Hardwood flooring with manufacturing industry overcomes the shortcomings of timber trees and becomes the most luxurious flooring material today. Natural laminate flooring with high durability and outstanding beautiful wood grain colors has captured the beauty of many users. 
- Hardwood surface, extremely good resistance, anti-wear UV coating keeps wood grain clear
- Made of natural wood, the wooden floor does not contain toxic gases, helping to protect human health during use. Natural laminate flooring is very insulating, so it is warm in winter and cool in summer. 
- Luxurious and natural rustic wood grain beauty. Suitable for many types of interiors
- The scent of natural woody plants always makes the space airy, natural fresh air Using Hardwood flooring with hardwoods is a high-end floor decoration that is always chosen by the giants

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- Surveying, measuring floor surface, estimating - quote. 
- Consulting samples at home 24/7 (from 7am - 9pm, Monday to Sunday) 
- Provide samples to check product quality, only from C.O & C.Q
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Premium Hardwood Floor

Rosewood hardwood flooring 900mm
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Rosewood is called under the Scientific name Dalbergia oliveri  being valuable for ornamental work including flooring and furniture. The sapwood is yellowish-white with dark brown heartwood. The heartwood is very hard and heavy. Dimension of Rosewood flooring at 450 - 600 - 750 - 900 -1050 (mm)Width: 90 (mm)Thickness: 15 (mm) Rosewood flooring dried to achieve humidity ranged from 8% to 12%. The whole bar of Rosewood flooring is covered 2k (waterproof), and the surface is painted UV..
9.000.000 ₫ / M2