Plastic skirting L76-8
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Plastic skirting L76-8


Product Code: L76-8

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Dimensions (L x W x H): 2500mm x 76mm x 16mm

Plastic skirting L76-8
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Plastic skirting L76-8

Code L76-8, composite resin material, surface membrane Personnel UV Natural Wood - Shaded

Production line of Korean technology, quality products meet green, non-toxic E1 - Environmental Protection

Applications: wool wall (sigh), frame only, lamri tiles, wall tiles, closed timber ceiling, billboards, wall decor styles

Pros: Plastic composite shape, no warping - shrinkage, anti-termite, uniform color quality, like natural wood

+ Special: Can use indoors and outdoors, without protection coating, easy to clean.


Technical parameters
Warranty 25 year, Water resistant, termite resistant, does not warp shrinkage
Wood color Wood grain
Height 76mm
Length 2.5 M
Surface Type Film UV wood grain
Country of Origin Korea
Material Plastic composite
Thickness 16mm
pieces Per Carton 30 pcs
Length Per Carton 75 M

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25 years, all of the following cases:

Water resistant, termite resistant, does not warp shrinkage, color change