Low-profile plastic braces 315
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Low-profile plastic braces 315


Product Code: NCT-315

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Weight: 0.50kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 2000mm x 55mm x 12mm

Low-profile plastic braces 315
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Low-profile plastic braces 315

Plastic splint fittings for wooden floors, plastic end braces

- Material: PVC, surface of decal (simili) wood grain texture

- Plastic splints decorate the end of the floor surface when installing, obscuring the expansion of the wooden floor

- The positions often use plastic braces: the end of the wooden floor, the door, the toilet door, right at the top of the ladder, the transition point from the wooden floor to the other wooden floor - connecting from the wooden floor to the other floor

- Length: 2.7m, Used for laminate flooring 8mm to 12mm

- Plastic splints: Curved end braces, end braces, floor braces, stair braces (level nose)

Wooden floor plastic splint with a variety of colors, many wood grain patterns for a delicate combination of wood floors and walls.

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width 55mm
sizes 2000mmx55mm
length 2000mm
Thickness 12mm
Location of use
Application Used to finish the floor at the door or adjacent sides when the height of the two sides of the floor are not equal.

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Low-profile plastic braces 315 
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