Neolock Smart Lock Ne0A3BP-Black
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Neolock Smart Lock Ne0A3BP-Black


Product Code: Ne0A3BP-Black

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Weight: 1.30kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 137mm x 60mm x 300mm

Neolock Smart Lock Ne0A3BP-Black
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Neolock Smart Lock Ne0A3BP-Black

The house is the place most attached to the life of each member of the family, for the Vietnamese, so far home is the place to store the most valuable items and papers of their own. Therefore, security of the house is the most people are interested. At the same time, locking the remote control door is the most secure type of lock, far ahead of the previous door lock series, so the door lock option for remote control is optional. Choose the best security guards for your family.

Neo Lock locks are replacing traditional locks and gradually affirming their position for three reasons: high security technology, utility - which allows active management of access, remote control Through the phone application and design code luxury, modern. Create new standards of quality and smart gadgets for life.


Technical parameters
Battery time 4-9 months
Color Black
Connection method Bluetooth 4.0ble
Door thickness 38 ~ 50mm
Humidity 15% ~ 95%RH
Key size (L x W) 137 mm x 60mm
Mass 1.3 kg
Material Zinc alloy Alloy
Power source used Pin 1.5V AA type battery x 4pcs
Secure password 5-9 characters electronic
Security function Automatically disable after 5 unsuccessful PIN attempts (5 minutes)
Static electricity ≤ 30uA
Support system Bluetooth 4.3 / IOS 7.0 or higher.
Unlock time ≈ 1.5 seconds
Working current ≤ 200mA
Warranty 2 Year
Length 137 mm
Width 60mm
Country of Origin Canada

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2-year warranty genuine.

Consultant: 091 8888 820.

Neolock Smart Lock Ne0A3BP-Black
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