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MaxLock Flooring

MaxLock Flooring

Maxlock laminate flooring is modern production line of Malaysia, European standards, durable with many colors and luxury decor for unique architectural space values and class.

Maxlock flooring is made of HDF core, water resistance, bearing strength, outstanding features of materials with high water resistance, can soak hours in water without affecting the quality of flooring. Maxlock against moisture, anti-termite, high stability, no warping warped cracked during use. The material structure is beautiful, natural and environmentally friendly.

Maxlock flooring has an AC4-grade scratch-resistant surface that protects the floor from external influences, keeping the floor shiny and beautiful. In addition, the dirt on the Maxlock laminate flooring is easily cleaned, and is protected against scratches when used in daily life.

Maxlock laminate flooring brings inspiration to many architects by the beauty and friendliness of the product. Maxlock is a great solution when you are looking for a durable, beautiful and cost effective material.

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MaxLock Flooring