K+ VINYL D4063
Đơn giá : 400.000 ₫ / M2
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K+ VINYL D4063


Product Code: D4063

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Weight: 8.00kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 1220mm x 180mm x 4mm

K+ VINYL D4063
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K+ VINYL D4063

K+ D4063 Plastic Floor: African Oak, still golden brown, has always brought warmth that is no less luxurious, suitable for white to dark interior. Customers are assured with the choice K+ D4067: Because this is the new release with the characteristics:
- With durable surface coating technology NANO US anti-abrasion and anti-fading UV.
- Stone Ingredient + Stone Plastic Composite.
- Balanced bottom layer is made of HDPE (High-density polyethylene).
- Production on the transmission line GERMANY technology
And this is also the only plastic floor has 5G generation - SPC Vinyl has many outstanding features are: 100% submerged, moisture proof, no noise and no chemicals (No Formaldehyde). It is odorless, free of impurities, guaranteed to last up to 25 years without fading or deformation, and it also challenges uncomfortable cement floors with wood floors and floors. plastic glue not meet,


With the advantages and price compared with other lines of equivalent prices such as laminate flooring or floor mats, the K+ D4067 flooring can be easily applied to the area in the house such as dining room, bedroom, living room, living room .... and business areas, activities: working rooms, reception room .... shop business .......

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CONSULTANT: 1900.63.69.68
Hotline: 0913.8888.01 - 0913.8888.56 (Viber / Zalo)


Technical parameters
Surface thickness 0.3
Warranty 25 Year
Length 1220 mm
Surface Type Wood lumpy + no groove
Width 180 mm
Flooring Välinge Click Lock
Country of Origin EU Krono Vinyl
sizes (L x W x H) 1220 mm x 180 mm x 4mm
Thickness 4mm
pieces Per Carton 10 pcs
Square Meter Per Carton 2.196 m2

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K+ VINYL D4063 - Välinge Innovation Sweden AB

Warranty Genuine: 25 years

Warranty of all shrinkage shrinkage, termites, floods, discoloration,

Replacement method 100%, if the time Krono Vinyl factory abandoned the old you are selected new color of the same category.

Advice: 091 8888 820

K+ VINYL D4063 
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