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Korea Wallpaper

Korea Wallpaper

Korean wallpaper, paper composite materials with printed with motifs surface to paste into the walls interior ceiling, finished products produced in Korea are 100% import quota on the market distribution Vietnam.

Korea Wallpaper's brand is well-known in the industry by interior decoration paper quality and printing images on the surface of all the genres, the style, Korea wallpapers expressed multifaceted, from details to the whole, from Creator to create, from the object to the idea, from classical to modern. New products are made according to the annual cycle and gradually the old product categories.

There are many companies producing wallpaper in Korea has created a multi-brand and more generally, a number of companies producing leading wallpaper: Daedong, did, Seoul, Dongnam, Eden, Gaenari, JEIL, LG, Leesco, Shinhan , Covering, Cosmos, Wooree, Daewoo, yeomyung, Noori, Soopro.

Characteristics Korean wallpaper: the question paper composite with 2 categories: 1 class and 2 classes

- Material: Paper and paper pvc vinyl, 2 are both elastic soft

- Surface: textured, and 3D effect, with anti-fouling protective film, protection against graffiti, conveniently cleaning with water

- The only paper size: width 1.06 (m) x length 15.536 (m) 16,536m2 / roll

With the trend of combining selected wood flooring and wallpaper color tones accord. To create more conveniently for customers, system of, warehouse retailer imported Korea wallpaper warehouse sale at competitive prices and customers priorities when buying laminate flooring.

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