K+ VINYL D5084
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K+ VINYL D5084

Brand: K+ VINYL

Product Code: D5084

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Weight: 10.00kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 1220mm x 180mm x 5mm

K+ VINYL D5084
TƯ VẤN: 1800.6121


K+ VINYL D5084


Technical parameters
Surface thickness 0.5 mm
Warranty 25 Years
Length 1220 mm
Surface Type Wood lumpy + no groove
Width 180 mm
Flooring Välinge Click lock
sizes (L x W x H) 1220 mm x 180 mm x 5mm
Thickness 5mm
pieces Per Carton 8 pcs
Square Meter Per Carton 1.76 m2

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K+ VINYL D5084 - Välinge Innovation Sweden AB

Warranty Genuine: 25 years

Warranty of all shrinkage shrinkage, termites, floods, discoloration,

Replacement method 100%, if the time K+ Vinyl factory abandoned the old you are selected new color of the same category.

Advice: 091 8888 820