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Indo-or Laminate flooring 8mm

Indo-or Laminate flooring 8mm

+ INDO-OR laminate flooring 8mm is thick product line, manufactured in Vietnam, HDF core is made of pure green waterproof imported wax from Indonesia (C.Q).

+ INDO-OR laminate flooring is an HDF Indonesia (Indonesia HDF Laminate Flooring) laminate flooring, specializing in indoor flooring.

+ The product adopts environmentally friendly certification testing processes, and the testing process soaked in water within 24G, is the best standard for less distorted and non-expanding floors.

The only feature is available in Indo-or wooden floors:

+ The system of locking edges is covered with dry candle wax with green color by inkjet industry: the advantage of this technology in the layer of water is excellent on each wooden stick, besides the noise reduction does not sound when traveling. .

+ 4D-Click locking system: Applying advanced technology of Uniclic from Unilin inventor - Only, and is a 4-side locking wedge system, creating stable installation floor without glue, easy to remove, fit seamlessly together, small V-shaped groove separates the plate for each sheet, creating high aesthetics like high-end European floors, waterproof grooves, easy cleaning, and no dust clogging.

indo-or 8mm flooring structures

Advantages of industrial laminate flooring Indo-or:

+ High scratch-resistant surface

+ Best water-resistant surface, waterproofing ability to side.

+ Sharp wood grain surface, beautiful natural, smooth and pleasant shadow

+ Reduce noise and hiss when traveling.

+ Stable quality & durability over time.

tính năng chứng nhận sàn gỗ indo-or

WARRANTY: 15 YEARS (According to manufacturer standards)

hộp sản phẩm sàn gỗ indo-or 8mm

+ INDO-OR  laminate flooring meets international market standards: European EN standards, BS standards, German DIN standards, Japanese JIS standards and JANS standards

+ Suitable for floor covering for interior areas: restaurant, hotel, showroom, living room, bedroom, etc.


- Survey, floor measurement, cost estimates - quotes.
- Consult samples at home 24/7 (from 07h - 21h, Monday to Sunday)
- Provide samples to check product quality, only from C.O & C.Q

Call Center: 1800 6121 Holine: 0913 8888 01 / 02   (Zalo / viber)​


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Indo-or Laminate flooring 8mm

INDO-OR Flooring ID8088
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INDO-OR Flooring ID8088 design natural wood grain Vietnam, durable aluminum oxide surface rolling good scratch resistance, super-resistant HDF core Applications : suitable lining apartments, private rooms, and fashion shops. Suitable for the most vibrant personality is Teen Packing: 8mm x 140mm x Length 1205mm Width Warranty: 15 years, not the curving. Selection parque INDO-OR Flooring is the most economical way of spending money unfortunately that still have wooden floors durable and healthy + The construction and installation of wood flooring 8mm: 25,000 / m2, Accessories: porous 5,00..
325.000 ₫ / M2