Herringbone 3K ART Z8-33
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Herringbone 3K ART Z8-33


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Weight: 7.00kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 1222mm x 197mm x 8mm

Herringbone 3K ART Z8-33
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Herringbone 3K ART Z8-33

3K ART Z8-33 is a laminate flooring product produced & distributed exclusively at Floor Warehouse System. 3K ART brings modern design trends, the best technology, beautiful natural wood grain and environmental friendliness.

Herringbone pattern fitting?
Floor assembly in the shape of herringbone, which has been applied for a long time, when realizing the monotony of the wooden planks arranged one after another, the idea of ​​arranging the boards in a zigzag style with an angle arose. the contact between the planks is 90 degrees like herringbone. The type of highlighting is very obvious by the division of the layout of the cells in the room. You can choose to install it parallel or diagonally against the wall, which will give the space more polyhedron and depth.
Herringbone flooring has created something new and it has overcome the inherent simplicity of the traditional type to create a modern floor trend with a set of authentic and unique designs.

Chevron pattern fitting?
3K ART laminate flooring was born and followed a more modern step, but the way it was assembled together on a symmetrical vertical axis. This type of installation has the advantage of easier and more convenient construction than the traditional one. With the advancement of technology, today the surface printed wood grain floor boards simulate the pre-arranged wooden slats, you just need to assemble like normal wooden floors to have a work. impressively beautiful. A special feature of 3K ART paving is its utility with a strong design, sharp lines and very depth.

Do you love modern or classic trends? Are you simple or personality? Then 3K ART herringbone is always a great choice for you. Herringbone wood grain is considered prominent in the new era. With the 3K ART laminate flooring line is Not boring, very beautiful and unique, the lowest cost has the most suitable flooring.



Technical parameters
Warranty 10 years
AC Rating AC3
advantages Water resistant, scratch resistant, termite people, fire resistant, anti-fading, anti-mildew, anti-fouling, noise restrictions, ease sanitation workers clean, green materials
Flooring Ultra water-resistant
Country of Origin Vietnam
width 197mm
sizes 1222mm x 197mm x 8mm
Thickness 8mm
length 1222mm
Thickness 8mm
canned carton paper box
pieces Per Carton 12 pcs
Square Meter Per Carton 2.888 m2
Location of use
interior Floor of the living room, bedroom, office, children's room, hotel, shoping center, restaurants, showrom, fashion shops ...

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Warranty: 10 years , using 25-year period 

Warranty all technical error - technology - materials production instances: 

- Self-warping, shrinkage, bond people, spaces where the hum and discoloration 

- Note the use cases: 

+ Do not leave sharp objects dragged across the floor