Herringbone 3K ART Z8-11
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Herringbone 3K ART Z8-11


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Weight: 7.00kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 1222mm x 197mm x 8mm

Herringbone 3K ART Z8-11
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Herringbone 3K ART Z8-11

Chevron Pattern floor! Have you heard of this product?

This is considered a product that is creating effects for interior designers. Flooring "herringbone graft" is a breaking trend in interior architecture design. However, it is only for skilled workers and therefore the installation cost plus the loss of materials adds to the cost.
Now, with 3K ART flooring still having the traditional flooring style, the same installation cost, the same number of flooring boxes, you still have a beautiful Chevron Pattern floor.
Those who love new trends, want to have a style point for their home, here is a new model for your reference.

3K ART Z8-11 Chevron Pattern Flooring is a laminate flooring product produced & distributed exclusively at Floor Warehouse System. 3K AR has a modern design trend, with a Chevron Pattern like natural wood and is environmentally friendly.

3K ART Z8-11 Chevron Pattern Flooring, The trend of using laminate flooring in interior design is becoming more and more popular, because this product contributes to bring natural, close, modern and beautiful beauty. luxury for your living space. With beautiful drawings of 3K ART Laminate Flooring and modern and youthful colors, your interior space will be filled with cheerful colors. Not only that, with the  3K ART floor, you are immersed in a green natural space with a variety of sharp and diverse wood grains.

The product was born to meet the needs of modern Chevron Pattern flooring, helping customers have many choices to use for living space. 3K ART laminate flooring is manufactured in Vietnam according to European technology, the wood flooring product line has Vietnamese brand, has been tested for quality and is an environmentally friendly product.
3K ART Chevron Pattern flooring is a new wind for modern floor design, calculation and most reasonable cost.



Technical parameters
Warranty 10 years
AC Rating AC3
advantages Water resistant, scratch resistant, termite people, fire resistant, anti-fading, anti-mildew, anti-fouling, noise restrictions, ease sanitation workers clean, green materials
Flooring Ultra water-resistant
Country of Origin Vietnam
width 197mm
sizes 1222mm x 197mm x 8mm
Thickness 8mm
length 1222mm
Thickness 8mm
canned carton paper box
pieces Per Carton 12 pcs
Square Meter Per Carton 2.888 m2
Location of use
interior Floor of the living room, bedroom, office, children's room, hotel, shoping center, restaurants, showrom, fashion shops ...

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Warranty: 10 years , using 25-year period 

Warranty all technical error - technology - materials production instances: 

- Self-warping, shrinkage, bond people, spaces where the hum and discoloration 

- Note the use cases: 

+ Do not leave sharp objects dragged across the floor