Hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring

Natural wood flooring luxury floor coverings all the time, to show the style and class of works.

Hard wood flooring - High-class hard wood flooring, Cheap hard wood flooring, the best hard wood flooring. Committing to quality to customers.

Natural wood flooring made from hardwoods which is good in bearing of impact, rubbing and abrasion. Formerly, hard wood flooring made from valuable wood types such as Doussie, Rosewood, Merbau... So the price of hard wood flooring is expensive but it is not high aesthetic because of outdate technology. Nowadays, with advanced technology combining modern machinery in wood producing industry has created various beautiful wood flooring.


Infact, hardwood flooring has many advantages. Because of using natural wood material, product has natural beauty, homogeneous structure, hardness and a lot of designs. In addition, wood is suitable for coastal areas, rivers since it has limiting corrosion, not oxidation. Natural wood is durable and not damaged in dry as well as wet environment.

Natural wood has living cells to provide nutrients for its life. Because of its those cells, natural wood can absorb toxic gases eliminated by interior items. 

Natural wood always keeps the temperature consisting with human temperature threshold. We are going to feel comfortable and relax when we use hard wood flooring because it helps us to be warm in cold weather or cool when the weather goes hot. 

Hard wood flooring does not contains toxic and no material can be replaced. In developed countries in Europe and America, natural wood has very high duribility. Natural wood is grown and exploited following the program that planed before.Sàn gỗ tự nhiên


Due to the physical properties of natural wood is changing such as warping, expansion , discoloration, mold when the weather changes.

Nowadays, with advanced technology combining modern machinery in wood producing industry has overcome disadvantages of hard wood flooring.


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