Decking pool

Decking pool

When you choose materials for the pool floor? What do you need to know

+  Designed pool deck is a combination of pool and beauty floor. Floor pool deck needs to meet a number of criteria. You need to consider the size, durability, heat resistance, anti-slip, maintenance, shelter dirt, spills trough design, and of course cost.

+  When choosing floor materials, anti-slip points need to be considered very carefully. Many decorative materials can become slippery and unsafe as the most important factor. Heat resistance is another important feature of pool decks. For example, bricks or bricks can be very hot in the summer, while other materials like teak are more suitable for walking barefoot. Teak price is higher

+  When choosing the type of floor, it is also necessary to consider the cost of service and convenient maintenance.

+  Above all, WPC is the most material for the pool floor.
+  In the past, people used hardwood or drying agents to make wood for outdoor use, however they were exposed to wind and rain outside and had to be coped with by all kinds of bad weather so quickly.
Nowadays, a new material called outdoor wood plastic for outdoor decoration is very popular for the pool floor, terrace floor.

+  AWood WPC decking has hollow or solid items and surface coatings with grooved or wood grain design, there are sanding types, 3 surface finishes are best anti-slip for pool floor, where water is often moist.

* Advantages: AWood WPC Decking
1. Recyclable, environmentally friendly material:
Wood composite plastic (WPC) is made of 100% green material. No need of protective paint

2. Water and termite resistance:
Wood plastic composite (WPC) can withstand wind, rain and sunshine. Installation and operation are easy. It is widely used in places near water and wet environments: outdoor floors, walkways, booths, platforms, gardens and terraces, balconies

3. High performance low cost:
The main input of WPC products is slightly higher than cement wood, but due to less maintenance, waterproofing and long-term use, it is a high-performance product, the cheapest cost of use.

4. Easy to install and maintain, quick maintenance:
Can be cut, drilled or nailed. Adjust specification and shape, very flexible. being able to remove cleaning is easiest.

+  AWood is a popular WPC brand in Vietnam. AWood has been present more 10 years and applied for many resort projects, hotel, spa, village,... in Nha Trang.

+  AWood decking is not only luxury but also durable by its ability of harsh weather resistace.

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Decking pool
AWood DIY DT01-4-coffee
Based on 4 reviews.
DIY plastic wood floors, finished each plate 300x300mm, easy to install. DIY suitable timber lining wet areas such as gardens, pool decks, bathroom, balcony ... decorative and anti-slip..
75.000 ₫ / Vỉ
AWood Flooring SU140x23 Sandalwood
Based on 5 reviews.
AWood Flooring SU140x23 SandalWood Type Wood Plastice Composit Brand Name AWood®  Style   Solid  Color  SandalWood  Size   140x23mm  HDPE Cover   Durable, stain-resistant, stable and balanced   Length   2.4 Meters  Surface treatment   Brushing, embossing  Installation   Clips and Screws  Function   Anti Slip, Waterproof, UV resistant,  Packing   5 pieces/ b..
300.000 ₫ / M dài
AWood Decking SD140x25 Coffee
Based on 6 reviews.
AWood Decking SD140x25 Coffee   Awood sd 140x25   ..
237.000 ₫ / M
AWood Decking SD140x25 Wood
Based on 3 reviews.
AWood Decking SD140x25 Wood Gỗ nhựa lót sàn hồ bơi Gỗ nhựa lót sàn hồ bơi Sàn gỗ ngoài trời làm bậc cầu thang Sàn gỗ ngoài trời lót sàn hồ bơi - sân vườn   Sàn gỗ ngoài trời làm cầu ..
237.000 ₫ / M dài
AWood Decking SD120x20 Wood
Based on 5 reviews.
AWood Decking SD120x20 Wood Awood construction standards: ..
156.000 ₫ / M dài
AWood Decking SD120x20 Coffee
Based on 3 reviews.
AWood Decking SD120x20 Coffee Awood construction standards: ..
156.000 ₫ / M dài