CONWOOD Roof bar valances
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CONWOOD Roof bar valances


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Dimensions (L x W x H): 3050mm x 150mm x 16mm

CONWOOD Roof bar valances
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CONWOOD Roof bar valances

CONWOOD is a product of Siam Cement Group Thailand, specializing in manufacturing construction materials, decorative materials, and tiling

Products with green certification, ingredients include: 75% cement stone powder, 23% cotton scare, 3% binder, no fear of aerosols. Using Flex technology and steaming Firm with high pressure to create CONWOOD with no shrinkage, firm for outdoor to meet international standards.

CONWOOD cement wood creates a wood grain texture, pure gray, finishes the surface of CONWOOD imitation cement board with its special color-based factory paint. Bar and plate products, effective outdoor wood replacement applications such as: flooring, wall, ceiling, stair lining, jetty, fence, pergola flower truss, corner braces, wall wool ...

Advantages of CONWOOD cement wood: durable, beautiful finish like wood, no crack, no item, easy to apply and maintain, can be bent with a thickness smaller than 12mm, fillings and close coating .

CONWOOD is diversified, durable, rough and woody surface, it is applied for outdoor decoration: - Ceiling, Roof, Floor, Wool, Wall, Stair, Fence.

The product is completely suitable for outdoor weather conditions in Vietnam


Technical parameters
Length 3050mm
Width 200mm
Country of Origin THAILAND
Thickness 16mm

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