Cheap Wallpaper

Cheap Wallpaper

Cheap wallpaper is what? out of fashion paper on 3-year inventory liquidation cheaply, the number N of less than 10 buy-each color. Paper buy right product choices so no color catalog. Cheap wallpaper Korea still meet 100% quality, color uniformity, true enough m2 in size and roll

Currently warehouse sale cheap wallpaper only from 18,000VND / m2 to 30,000VND / m2 sold in rolls 16.5m2, Wallpaper Korean production, 100% new box. liquidation of diverse colors and so much less monochromatic pattern.

Differentiation wallpaper liquidation Cheap Korea with Chinese wallpaper in the paper:

- Korean Paper size: Width 1.06m long x 15.6m = Scroll 16.536m2

- Chinese paper size: Width 0.53m long x 10 m = Scroll 5.3m2

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