Barbie wallpaper 3595-1
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Barbie wallpaper 3595-1


Product Code: 3595-1

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Weight: 2.00kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 1005cm x 51cm x

Barbie wallpaper 3595-1
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Barbie wallpaper 3595-1

Collection Barbie wallpaper Korea 2016 - When you decorate the walls with wallpaper baby, helping to develop the intelligence, when you choose wallpaper for baby with funny cartoon characters, the fairy characters, which improves imagination and creativity, making the visual senses, the brain is developing. Decorating a living space that would make them feel excited, feel comfortable and loved her more room.


Technical parameters
Warranty 1 years
Country of Origin Korea
Material paper + pvc
sizes W 0.51m x L 10.05m
Size M2 / roll 5.1255 m2
Location of use
Application Interior

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Warranty 1 Year - Time of use 25 years

 Warranty as dental adhesive peeling , cracked as manufacturing errors .



Barbie wallpaper 3595-1 
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