AROMA Vinyl Flooring 2mm

AROMA Vinyl Flooring 2mm

AROMA Vinyl Flooring is used for interior flooring instead of brick, stone usual is made from PVC. It is manufactured by the advanced technology of Korea with diversified design of natural wood. It gives you an experience of a new flooring material: lightweight material, installing easily, being reused many times, technical characteristics consistent with climate Vietnam, green materials... Therefore AROMA vinyl is very friendly and helpful for protecting environment.

AROMA Vinyl Flooring is made of PVC, used to lining interior floors instead of regular bricks and stones. Aroma plastic flooring is a famous brand of Korean leading manufacturer, the product is produced on modern technology line of WELLMARK GROUP.

AROMA Vinyl Flooring products produced by advanced technology of Korea, a variety of codes, with many types of natural wood grain. Giving you an experience of new flooring materials, is lightweight, easy to install, reusable, has technical characteristics suitable for the Vietnamese climate, is a green material. Very friendly and contribute to environmental protection.

AROMA Vinyl Flooring is manufactured with natural wood grain surface with thickness 2mm, surface anti-wear layer (Wearlayer: 0.15mm) installed using glue paste method to create the best adhesion to the surface floor.

AROMA structure consists of 4 layers: UV coating & Wearlayer layer (abrasion resistance) (1), Next layer of wood grain paper, using natural wood grain surface, combined with diverse tone colors Classic & modern (2). PVC layer uses 100% virgin plastic material (3). The final layer is the plastic base layer that has the effect of preventing moisture, creating the best adhesion.

Aroma meets strict environmental protection, is a green, environmentally friendly material, through accreditation & certification processes: ISO9001, TUV, CE, Floorcore, etc.


Water-resistant material 100% by PVC material
Termite, mold.
Easy to clean floor surface with floor cleaning water
Good scratch resistance.
Green material - environmentally friendly
Quick installation - convenient with dedicated glue
AROMA Vinyl Flooring is applied for a variety of projects: hospitals, schools, shopping centers, fashion shops, offices, restaurants, cafés, houses, etc.

ứng dụng sàn nhựa aroma

aroma korea vinyl style

san nhua van go aroma

Specifications: length 914.4mm x width 152.4mm x thickness 2mm

Hotline HCM: 0913 8888 01,  Hà Nội: 091 8888 750


- Survey, floor measurement, cost estimates - quotes.
- Consult samples at home 24/7 (from 07h - 21h, Monday to Sunday)
- Provide samples to check product quality, only from C.O & C.Q

Call Center: 1800 6121 Holine: 0913 8888 01 / 02   (Zalo / viber)​

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AROMA Vinyl Flooring 2mm
Aroma Vinyl flooring C2063
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Aroma plastic flooring leading brand in Vietnam. Aroma is produced by Korean technology to meet the standards of safety and health, green products follow the international trend of environmental protection from using recycled PVC materials in 90% products. With PVC design, easy to connect together quickly and conveniently suitable for houses as well as business shops .... shopping centers ... With the main ingredient is PVC, it does not affect our health and optimal features such as: 100% water resistance, color fastness, scratch resistance, slip resistance, durability over 20 years, the p..
170.000 ₫ / M2