Acassia flooring 750mm
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Acassia flooring 750mm


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Weight: 10.00kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 750mm x 90mm x 15mm

Acassia flooring 750mm
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Acassia flooring 750mm

Acassia flooring  is one of soft natural wood flooring that has full of pre-eminent properties of natural wood flooring.

Acassia aneura flooring produced based on Germany's modern technology in order to achieve the best quality following Europe and Japan standards. Acassia aneura flooring treated to be resistant to warpping, shrinkage and no fading under chemical agent and the effect of environment.

Acassia  flooring -  The pre-eminent properties of Acassia aneura flooring are to make cool feeling in summer, and warming in winter, no being wet in high temperature, being waterproof, being easy to clean.

Dimension of Acassia flooring at

Length: 450 - 600 - 750 - 900 -1050 (mm)

Width: 90 (mm)

Thickness: 15 (mm)

Acassia flooring dried to achieve humidity ranged from 8% to 12%.

The whole bar of Acassia flooring is covered 2k (waterproof), and the surface is painted UV


Technical parameters
Warranty 1 Years
Flooring Acacia Wood
sizes L 750mm x W 90mm x H 15mm

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Warranty: 1 Year

Warranty for any damage caused by techniques - technology - production materials in the following cases:

- Self warping, shrinkage.
- Note the use cases:

+ Do not let sharp objects drag on the floor
+ Always keep the floor clean and dry