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3K wall cladding panels

3K PVC Wood grain layer: green material for walls and ceilings
On the market today, there are many new materials for interior decoration such as paint, brick, stone, plywood, plastic, glass, bamboo, wood, industrial wood, fabric, paper, leather ... Each type All materials bring modern beauty, elegance and create accents for your living space.
Therefore, the choice of wall - ceiling materials takes a lot of time by design consultants. If based on the standard No. 1 is Beautiful - Durable - Cheap we will immediately introduce to you the product 3K PVC Wood grain layer: green wall materials - ceiling tiles for rustic furniture space

- Manufactured from green materials, 100% recycled PVC, using time up to 50 years, ensuring health.
- Durable natural wood texture and freshness. Multicolored wood for impressive luxury.
- The finished price is among the lowest, cheaper than lipstick. No need to spend on plastering, work on the surface of masonry bricks or cast concrete
3K PVC Wood grain layer: wall tiles - ceiling tiles suitable for all types of interior spaces from affordable to high-end, from private rooms to commercial halls.
3K PVC sheet is made from plastic beads so it is quite light weight. At the same time, due to the 100% moisture-proof , you can also flexibly decorate textures of each of the different colors to create a striking design for your work.
3K PVC plastic panels create a multi-dimensional space gently and comfortably. You should choose bright or white colors to add a freshness to the room, thunder for accent walls and dark for luxurious majesty.

+ 100% waterproof, moisture-proof specialized ceiling mold moisture mold no other materials can do
+ Fireproof, durability more than 50 years, suitable for all interior spaces
+ Many wood grain to choose from for luxurious or friendly space, plating and elevating space value.
+ Van friendly, helping the house has more prosperity and health, prosperity. Green materials are environmentally friendly, do not exploit each forest, and contribute to greening.
+ 3K PVC Wood grain layer does not stick to dirt: all stains must be weighed to remove water away from the cotton, ring surface, absolutely water-proof, mold-free, termite-invasive.
+ The special thing is plastic wall cladding has good sound insulation, good thermal insulation. Noise cancellation effect.
+ Extremely easy to store and use, high mobility, easy to install, replace when damaged, no use costs.
+ Price of 3K PVC Wood grain layer is the lowest finishing, quickest and cleanest construction time.
+ Warranty 10 years in all cases using the bottle, broken free replacement
+ 3K PVC Wood grain layer, made in Vietnam 100%, with a factory certificate

Currently 3K PVC Wood grain layer, home decoration is the No. 1 standard: Beautiful - Durable - Cheap. Buy at 3K HOME WAREHOUSE IS CHEAPEST.
For questions about the product, system solutions Tran - Tuong - Floor please contact:

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3K wall cladding panels
3K Pvc Decor P105x9 Cherry
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With modern production technology, combining various pigments with high color fastness, 3K PVC has created different color compound particles that produce products of different colors, veins, lines on the surface. Different for customers to choose. 3K PVC has the same machinability as natural wood so it can be machined and painted like natural wood. - The molds are designed to be delicate, diversified, suitable for interior decoration such as: wall, ceiling, wall, column, railing, stairs ...    3K PVC futures will be the staple finishing material in home furnishing. ..
510.000 ₫ / M2

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