3D ANK Luxury Art Background Wall S12
Đơn giá : 750.000 ₫ / M2
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3D ANK Luxury Art Background Wall S12

Brand: ANK

Product Code: S12

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Weight: 40.20kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 1200mm x 1800mm x 7mm

3D ANK Luxury Art Background Wall S12
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3D ANK Luxury Art Background Wall S12

3D ANK S12 Painting Brick 3D is a construction material that can be used for flooring or wall tiles to impress the viewer. Brick 3D can replace the products of marble tiles, ceramic tiles, granite traditional. Beautiful 3D tiles are produced on high-tech lines, using high-resolution images and special viewing angles to provide a true-to-life feel to the viewer.

Nature theme: Lotus flower is a symbol of pure tao. Anyone looking for a quiet soul look at 3D ANK S12 Ceramic lotus flower to feel the static in your heart. Moreover, for the Oriental, the lotus flower is not only beautiful but also noble. Lotus is a flower used for formal occasions to pay homage, similar to the flowers that grow in mud but not dirty, not smelly, but still stand firmly, still fragrant with life. It may be likened to the fact that the lotus without the stain of a lotus is like a man despite the stormy weather, even though life around greed, hatred, ignorance, Be faithful in life, maintain a generous tolerance even with the resentment.


Technical parameters
Theme Nature: Lotus
Warranty 05 Year
Surface Type UV coating or glass (strength)
Flooring 5D Luxury Art Background Wall
Country of Origin Việt Nam
Material Lime
Length of 1 tablet 600mm
Width 1 tablet 600mm
sizes (L x W x H ) 1200 mm x 1800 mm x 7mm
Thickness 7mm
canned Card Board
Number of tablets in the box 6 pcs
Square Meter Per Carton 2.16 m2
Function #1 Water resistance, high waterproof.
Function #2 Self-regulating, very cool to use
Function #3 Brick Painting 5D overcome the phenomenon of heat or sweat as common ceramic tiles.
Function #4 Absolutely seamless
Function #5 Anti-fire, anti-scratch, anti-impact.
Feature # 6 Flatness is almost absolute
Feature # 7 Does not emit noise when used.
Location of use
interior Flooring: use 5D tiles to lining the floor in place of traditional materials, which can be used to lining the living room, bedroom, hotel lobby, walkway, commercial center ... user. Wall cladding: using wall tiles decorated for living room, bedroom, reception, ... bring customers the modern space, luxury.

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Warranty: 05 years

Consultant: 091 8888 820

3D ANK Luxury Art Background Wall S12 
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