King Floor Flooring

 King Floor Flooring

King Floor flooring is manufactured according to Germany technology in China. King Floor flooring has been imported since 2008. Its quality is stable in line of cheap laminate flooring. King Floor flooring become commonly and popularly for constantly sourcing. King Floor flooring has 60 colors from classic to modern 

King Floor flooring is always available in stock with a lot of quantity, so it can be delivered right after ordering. King Floor flooring is distributed in Southern from Da Nang to Ca Mau by HCM wood flooring Warehouse. 

King laminate flooring has five product lines: 2 lines of thickness 8mm and 3 lines of thickness 12mm  

Thickness 8mm sizes: large pattern ( thickness 8.3 mm x width 195mm x length 1215mm) and small pattern ( thickness 8.3mm x width 113mm x length 808mm) 

Excel Floor Series 12mm: ( thickness 12mm x width 100mm x length 807mm), (thickness 12mm x width 130mm x length 808mm) and (width 147mm x length 808mm x thickness 12mm) 

King floor laminate flooring features: 

- Surface coating: Transparent aluminium oxide, abrasion AC3 

- Wood grain layer: compounds of melamine and paper looks like natural wood.

- HDF coreboard: white color, at a pressure of 850kg / cm2, moisture resistant 

- The bottom layer of thin plastic used to create power balance, keeping floorboards not warp, resistant to moisture rising from the background. 

King Floor flooring is more and more choosen by designers because of its stable quality and large inventory.

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King Floor Flooring

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