Robina laminate flooring

 Robina laminate flooring

Robina - The harmony song with nature. ván sàn gỗ robina

Robina flooring, which is one of the best brand of laminated flooring is manufactured by Robina Flooring Sdn Bhd Group - MalaysiaRobina philosophy is to bring Vietnam market the laminated flooring is not only beautyful but also good for health. Robina flooring is gradually affirmed and achieved customer's sentiment.

Robina flooring is the best choice for the project for which request the water resistance and duribility in long time. The surface layer imported from Europe along with HDF advanced treating technology create water-resistance, termite resistance for Robina flooring and being good for environment.

Salient features of Robina flooring:

Resistant to water Friendly environmental
Resistant to abrasion : from AC4 to AC5 Resistant to the heat of cigarette ash



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Robina laminate flooring
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