MalayFloor flooring

MalayFloor flooring

MalayFloor was cheap laminate flooring manufacturer in China of 100%, due to importers MalayFloor Name Vietnam set, no producer in Malaysia. Parquet MalayFloor lined interior use, wood grain variety is suitable for apartment, shop at low cost fashion, note used: parquet MalayFloor not waterproof and termite No warranty. MalayFloor existing product line with regulations 4 ways:

1 / Parquet MalayFloor Field C: Thick 8mm x Width 195mm x Length 1215mm, (code: C225, C226, C227, C228, C229, C80209, C80707, C80808,)

2 / Parquet MalayFloor S Series: Thick 12mm x 100mm x Length 807mm Width (code: S20207, S2080, S3078, S8005, S80808, S90607, S90608, S90707, S90708, S90709)

3 / Parquet MalayFloor Field SP: Thick 12mm x 130mm x Length 808mm Width (code: SP558, SP559)

4 / Parquet MalayFloor Series D: 12mm x W 125mm x Thickness Length 805mm (code: D770, D775, D777, D778, D779)

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MalayFloor flooring

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