Kendall Flooring

Kendall Flooring

Kendall flooring which named by Vietnamese importer is HDF laminate flooring.  

Kendall flooring with specific characteristics : glossy surface, HDF coreboard reached at 850kg/cm2 of compresssion, moisture-resistance are match the demand of Vietnamese people. Kendall flooring is known as a type of moisture resistant laminate flooring with low prices and stable quality. 

Kendall flooring is warranted within 10 years by the importer and manufactured by large reputable factories in China. 

Dimension of 12mm thickness: small pieces of 808mm of length x 102 width, of medium length 805mm wide x 125, 145 x the big wide 1215mm long. 

+ Price and installing wood floors: 25.000/m2 accessories: 5.000/m2 foam, wool wall or brace 25.000/m2

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Kendall Flooring
Kendall Flooring KF09
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210,000 VNĐ 185,000 VNĐ / M2
F12 Flooring - 77
Based on 1 reviews.
F12 flooring - 77: Wood Floors are selling promotion price  Production in Vietnam wood flooring, eye rolling good scratch-resistant aluminum oxide, super water resistant HDF core  F12 flooring applications: proper undergarments apartments, private rooms, offices, recording studios, fashion shops, supermarkets, Hotel & Resort  With a thickness of 12 definitely enough for all types of floor furnished a solid, durable and high stability  Lot of old brick foundation, ghac boss, home improvement, repair shops lined, floor decoration in exhibitions & fairs  ..
260,000 VNĐ / M2

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