herringbone flooring

herringbone flooring

Herringbone flooring

GAGO laminate flooring with LG herringbone line

- This is the first product can be installed as the form of fish bone. Herringbone flooring helps to create more design ideas.

- The differences between the normal laminate flooring and herringbone flooring:

+ The length is a multiple of the width : 808/101 = 8 times

+ The horizontal edge and vertical edges are similar

+ There are left panel and right panel in a pair: the edge of the left panel is Yin but hte edge of the right panel is Yang.

- The thickness of LG line is 12mm with white HDF coreboard. It is durable and scratch-resistant surface coating of aluminum oxide AC 3 , fireproof cigarette

- Laminate flooring herringbone GAGO have 6 options: LG121, LG122, LG123, LG124, LG125, LG126

- If you choose 1 type of conventional grafting fruit plate or plates must be installed by the end of the line and start the other plate.

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herringbone flooring

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